Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Red Bull and Nokia Reporting: Nitro Circus Live

On Monday December 3rd I was lucky enough to go to the O2 Arena to watch Nitro Circus thanks to Red Bull and Nokia. As well as seeing some serious high-octane stunts, crashes and enough fire to last for seven Bonfire Nights I got to test out the camera capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920. Yes, the one that is sold out everywhere. I got to test out how good the photos are in low light and also how well it deals with shaky hands. Check out some of the photos in this blog and tell me what you think too!

Here’s what I thought of the event:

The Mega Ramp - taken with the Lumia 920
Sitting outside in the freezing cold waiting to meet with Nokia’s representatives wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing when I woke up that morning. I thought I’d be in the warm, doing shorthand or something boring like that. But no, I somehow found myself about to watch the craziest and bravest extreme athletes I have ever seen hurl themselves, several tonnes of machinery and audience members through the air whilst attempting to do Olympic style gymnastic. Oh, did I mention I also got a Nokia Lumia 920 to play about with too?

And boy, was I glad I was able to do it!

The seats were absolutely perfect to not only capture some great pictures and videos with the Lumia, but also to see the legendary Travis Pastrana and co entertain a sold-out O2 and myself for the night. Fire, motorbikes and death-defying stunts: what a perfect way to kill off those Monday blues!

For those of you that don’t know what Nitro Circus is, it’s basically the world’s top action sport athletes getting together and trying to top off one another’s stunts, and when I say stunts, I mean stunts like back-flipping motorcycles off ramps with two audiences members on the front and back.

I suppose you could say it was like Jackass on wheels. But rather than perform crazy stunts on one another for pain, they perform crazy stunts to be the world’s best at what they do. BMX, scooters and wheelchairs. You name it they threw it down the ramp.

Team GB's representatives at Nitro Circus - Lumia 920
The show was simply amazing. Yes, there were some moments shown on the big screens that wanted to make you puke up your food.  And yes, some of the jumps weren’t landed. But my word, the Nitro Circus crew can keep you entertained. I doubt I will see another event this year where a fully-grown man flies down a mega ramp in an ice tub or a woman hurls herself off the ramp in a pink Barbie child’s car. And I doubt I will ever again, unless I saw Nitro Circus again. Which I will.

My favourite part of the night had to be seeing Aaron Fotheringham going down the mega ramp. Why? I hear you asking. Aaron Fotheringham is disabled and in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from completing the most insane jumps. He attempted a front flip, in his wheelchair, twice on the mega ramp. He really was an inspiration and the words: “nothing is impossible” really springs to mind with him.

Check out the video too, its Jolene Van Vugt showing off what Travis taught her. I think she may be the only woman in the world that can do it. 

All I have to say is thanks so much to Red Bull and Nokia for giving me the chance to go to Nitro Circus – it definitely is something I shall always remember. My advice to you is to get your helmet on, buckle up and get tickets to see Nitro Circus – you wont regret it!!

If you are interested in becoming a Nokia and Red Bull reporter then click on the link and apply! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top Ten Tips to Avoiding International Embarrassment

A lot of you reading this may not be England fans (luckily for you). Nor may you have ever seen an England match before because our international matches have no interest to you (and I don’t blame you). However, you may have recently seen “the Farce”, as the right honorary and great Adrian Chiles referred to it as, against Poland on the 16th October.
Although it wasn’t played on the 16th, because the Polish FA refused to close the roof in order for them to have somewhere to park their nuclear sub for the night. As a result, the Polish FA made fools of themselves and their country in front of the entire world after what was a great Euros.
But how does this affect you? I know for a fact that there is no way you want to embarrass yourself when you finally pull on your nation’s colours in the 2014 World Cup, so how do you avoid it?
Just stick to these ten simple tips.

Originally posted for BettingExpert.