Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top Ten Tips to Avoiding International Embarrassment

A lot of you reading this may not be England fans (luckily for you). Nor may you have ever seen an England match before because our international matches have no interest to you (and I don’t blame you). However, you may have recently seen “the Farce”, as the right honorary and great Adrian Chiles referred to it as, against Poland on the 16th October.
Although it wasn’t played on the 16th, because the Polish FA refused to close the roof in order for them to have somewhere to park their nuclear sub for the night. As a result, the Polish FA made fools of themselves and their country in front of the entire world after what was a great Euros.
But how does this affect you? I know for a fact that there is no way you want to embarrass yourself when you finally pull on your nation’s colours in the 2014 World Cup, so how do you avoid it?
Just stick to these ten simple tips.

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