Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mr. Bean and Friends do Brentford Proud

After a couple of days to calm myself down following the Brentford – Huddersfield match, I’m afraid I still find myself fuming at what is in essence a diabolical refereeing performance. It is such a shame when the man in the middle, who is meant to be both impartial and fair, gives an advantage to one side following his inability to spot a blatant foul by Alan Lee on our goalkeeper Richard Lee. What made this even worse was the unsportsmans-like conduct by A. Lee after the game. It’s simply outrageous when the biggest talking point after a monumental game is about the referee, the man who is simply there to officiate the game, nothing more, nothing less.

Right, now I have that sour point out of the way I can reflect on what I personally thought was one of the best Brentford performances I have seen in a very long time. In the first half I’m pretty sure that the team had swapped places with a certain Catalonian team as Brentford ripped Huddersfield to shreds (up until that diabolical refereeing decision). The midfield three of Jonathan Douglas, Dave and Marcus Bean was an inspired choice by Uwe Rosler as they dominated the midfield. It’s quite well known around TW8 that Douglas enjoys his NFL, and that was plain to see in his quarterback style of play, spraying balls left and right from just in front of the back four, causing havoc for the Huddersfield team. 

Now, people that know me will know that I’m not a great fan of Marcus Bean; sometimes I feel like he’s doing nothing more than running around like a headless chicken. That said however, I love it when someone proves me wrong, and live in front of the Sky cameras Mr. Bean did just that, playing out of his socks and putting in some absolutely stunning tackles that a certain Roy Keane would most definitely have been proud of. This certain performance once again brings me back to a sunny Dean Court in Bournemouth in a League Two clash where Mr. Bean ran the midfield, and ultimately helped us secure the 1-0 win that put us on the brink of the league. Mr. Bean’s performance at the Galpharm in that first half was rock solid, pressurising them high up the field and winning tackles. That’s the type of midfielder I want at Brentford, someone who will stand up for himself like Britain did to the Nazis in 1939. Bean is one of those players: a Spitfire to the Brentford artillery. 

I’m pleased to see Gary Alexander is starting to find the net and fill the void that we have in our strike force. After scoring another penalty and a great first time finish, Alexander has raised his tally to 9 goals for the season. Although it’s not exactly blistering form, his regular goal scoring in the past few weeks have been crucial to Brentford’s ability to take points from games, such as the MK Dons match. His ability in the air is also a great asset to the team, and his partnership with Clayton Donaldson seems to be coming along rather nicely, and which will hopefully blossom in the coming weeks as we get down to the business end of the league. 

After all the praise that I have been heaping upon the Brentford team in this article, it still has to be said that the current run we are on is still not good enough. I say this day after day after day, why can’t we transfer this blistering away form to Griffin Park? If the passing game isn’t working due to the pitch, or the weather, or because Malvin the Mole has made too many mole hills on the pitch, then all it takes is a simple change in play. We have the players to mix it up. We could easily play the running game with Myles Weston and Niall McGinn, or play the crossing game with Harry Forrester and Sam Saunders. Either way we have strikers in the team that can suit both types, the first being Mike Grella and the latter being Gary Alexander. I just wish that Uwe Rosler would fully utilise the players he has at his disposal!

My final note must go to two rather farfetched transfer rumours that I’ve heard today. The first one goes to a loan out for Clayton Donaldson, which I found rather amusing. The second goes to the potential signing of Patrick Agyemang. What kind of people get these crazy ideas? By the way, did you hear where Rooney is off to this winter...?

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