Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Top Ten Tips To Qualifying For The 2014 World Cup

It seems like it was only yesterday that Euro 2012 was finishing, as Spain once again lifted that gleaming trophy above their gelled, slick hairs after conquering the continent.
It gave us some great talking points too; such as France’s performances being worse than the average X-Factor contestant and Portugal, Germany and Holland proving, once again, that Alan Hansen has no knowledge of football and should never have become a football pundit. Lord Sugar would do a better job.
Looking back, it makes you miss major international football more than a small child misses it’s mother when she goes on a boozy night out. But dry those tears, open your European road map and start looking at those God-awful Easyjet flights because the World Cup 2014 qualifiers are upon us!
But just how do you qualify for them? With teams like Kazakhstan, San Marino and Macedonia in the qualifiers, teams are going to need help with defeating the unknown. So where do you find someone who has this knowledge? Read on for some top tips on how to qualify for the Brazil World Cup 2014!

Posted on BettingExpert on September 7th 2012. 

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