Tuesday, 15 May 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

 Some say, “All good things must come to an end”. Whether this be your love affair with your best friend’s sister, your Sunday league team going from winning 3-0 to being demolished 13-0 or Brentford’s play-off push, its true in all forms of life.  But it was fun while it lasted, and now Brentford can enjoy the last two games and look forward to next season and away trips to the likes of Portsmouth, Coventry and Swindon.  

There’s no point on dwelling on “ifs” and buts”, so I’m not going to write an article on things that I’ve seen posted around Twitter such as “if we had beaten Bournemouth” and “if we didn’t have so many loan players”. There’s no need for it.  It’s a bit like saying that if I looked like Channing Tatum then I could get any girl in the world. Realistically, that won’t happen. For a team that was aiming for a top ten finish, Brentford did extremely well to take the fight for a play-off place to the 3rd last game of the season, especially when our season looked finished after defeats to lower table teams. Overall, I’m very pleased with what Uwe Rosler has done and I cannot wait for the next season.

I believe that the time is right to release my shortlist for Brentford’s “Player of the Season”. With two games left, my mind wont change from what I’ve seen from the season as a whole, and as a result the player I have in mind has already shown to be a great player week in, week out.  So sit back, and enjoy the little review about the players I have shortlisted for the 2011/2012 “Player of the Season” for Brentford FC. 

1.    Richard Lee

Brentford’s number one and last seasons Player of the Season once again proved what an incredible goalkeeper he is this season with a number of clean sheets between the sticks. The 4 clean sheets in 4 games (Oldham, Bury, Hartlepool and Notts County) helped to propel us into the play-off picture. Richard’s top corner and point blank saves has proved over the course of the season just what a quality goalkeeper he is, and most certainly one of the best in League One.  His most memorable performance for me came at Griffin Park against Bury, where a string of amazing saves resulted in a clean sheet for Richard.

2.    Sam Saunders

Sam Saunders has been given a new lease of life under Uwe Rosler, resulting in him and his twinkle toes bagging a very healthy 9 goals. The wing play that Sam Saunders has exhibited this season is nothing short of superb, right up there with some of the best in League One, which is a far cry from the old Sam under Andy Scott.  Also, because of Sam’s free kick technique, which he is rumoured to have taught David Beckham, we have become a serious force from dead ball situations this season. Sam Saunders has definitely been one of the most consistent players this season. The best of Sam Saunders’ free kicks came against Leyton Orient, where he whipped the ball into the top corner, leaving the keeper with absolutely no chance. Simply beautiful.
3.    Jonathan Douglas

Signed from Swindon in the summer for a free, Jonathan Douglas has proved to be a midfield general for Brentford this season, playing in every league game so far. Tenacious in midfield, Douglas may not score many goals but has certainly put in a fair few thunderous tackles over the course of the season. His ability to break up the play and spread the ball like a quarterback has been a great asset to Brentford today, giving us someone we can rely on in the middle of the park. A comparison to Paul Scholes of Manchester United or Scott Parker of Tottenham most certainly springs to mind. 

4.    Shaleum Logan

Coming to Brentford from Manchester City can definitely be seen as a shock to the system, but Shaleum Logan adjusted to life at TW8 very quickly, with a memorable first appearance at Griffin Park against Yeovil, scoring on his debut. After injury early in the season, it showed how much Brentford needed the right back, and ever since his return to the squad he has been ever-present, putting in big performances over and over again. Although a right back, Logan has contributed very handily to the overall score tally, and scored at very important stages in the season.  In conclusion, a very solid first season for the right back.  

That’s the shortlist for my “Player of the Season” for 2011/2012. Unlike the PFA Player of the Year awards, I cannot offer a large trophy or vast amounts of money, but I can offer a well done. So here it is, well done to all four of the players I have shortlisted. As a fan, its very satisfying when our players perform as well as these four have, putting in massive shifts throughout the season. I’m sure there are many fellow fans out there that will disagree with my choices, but lets put it this way. These players have performed admirably throughout the season, and seeing as they are all permanent players I find it very difficult to argue against naming any of them as “Player of the Season”. All four of them have been great ambassadors for the football club, and I cannot wait to see them again next season, hopefully aided by even more fantastic players.  

My “Player of the Season” for Brentford Fc 2011/2012? Well, I think that’s simple really. My “Player of the Season” is Jonathan Douglas: the anchor in midfield. I really dread to think where our midfield would have been without him this season, although he hasn’t scored many goals he has broken up countless opposition attacks as well as spreading the ball for numerous Brentford assaults. I’d say Douglas is a huge contender for League One’s signing of the season.  

Finally, a quite sad and gloomy look towards the end of the season, with games against Sheffield Wednesday and Chesterfield left. Although it’s still mathematically possible to get into the play-offs, it is highly unlikely, so I look forward to a good performance (one hopes) against Wednesday and hopefully a very enjoyable day out in Chesterfield for our first visit to the B2Net stadium. It’s a shame the FA have once again overlooked League One and Two and so we find ourselves playing at the same time as the FA Cup final. As I find myself writing this paragraph about the coming end of the season games, the cliché comes to my head again. “All good things must come to an end”. All that’s left to say is: “Goodbye League One 2011/2012, hello Euros 2012”. 

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