Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thorpe Park? Forget That; Lets go to Griffin Park Instead!

Rollercoasters. You either love them or hate them. Some would consider a day out in the gut-splattering, upside-down, teenage haven of Thorpe Park an ideal day. Others may not. If you are the latter, then I suggest you do not come to Griffin Park any time soon. We can offer more thrills and spills than Thorpe Park, Chessington and that mouse’s funfair over the pond combined.

Here’s what I mean: after losing three games on the trot and already looking as if we had gone on our summer holidays, we’ve turned into the form team, winning four on the bounce. Thankfully, we’re nearly at the end of the ride, but I just cant help but think where we would be without the inconsistencies. At the time of writing we are five points off Carlisle in sixth, a team that we made look like Beddington Terriers. We also just beat MK Dons away, and they’re meant to be the 5th best team in the division!

Without a doubt some of the football played in the first half last night against Oldham Athletic was (I’m sorry to use the cliché but there’s really no other way to describe it) Barcelona-like. The ball was pinged around from Douglas to Dave like a small man is between the crowds in rush hour on the Underground. It was magnificent. Why pay £50 at QPR to watch a team of useless, overpaid, Twitter-holics play rubbish football when you can pay a third of that to watch the Bees play total football? Shaleum Logan was running down that wing just like Dani Alves (far better in my opinion, cause the lad can defend too) and Sammy Saunders was hitting free kicks just like Xavi. We were too much for Oldham to handle, and that was reflected in the 2-0 score line.

Now we find ourselves at the business end of the season, or if you’re on a rollercoaster the bit that makes you want to puke your guts up for the next 4 hours.  6 games left to ultimately decide whether we end up in the end–of-season-lottery or the rubbish pile. 6 cup finals if you want.  I’m very sure the team are well aware that we cant really afford to drop points if we want to be in the play-offs, Clinton Morrison will undoubtedly have already told them about 45 times, but we can do it. Teams that tend to do well in the play-offs come into form at about this time in the season and carry that momentum through with them, and as sure as anything some of our players are most definitely coming into form. A certain Mr. Clayton Donaldson, who I stood up for whilst he was going through his rough patch, has proved me right and has started playing like that striker we bought from Crewe, big and powerful and able to score bags of goals. Worryingly, it seems that Donaldson and Fernando Torres mirror one another’s performances, as they are both starting to look like their former selves. I say worryingly because we all know Torres gets injured when he plays well, and as much as I don’t like the Spaniard I do not want to see our man Clayton get injured by mirroring him! With him and Clinton Morrison up front, I think we have a strike force that can do damage to even the best defences. That will be tested when Sheffield Wednesday come to visit on the 28th April.
Although I’m going on about our chances in the play-offs, I have to be realistic and look ahead to the prospect of another season in League One. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing in all honesty.  Its only Uwe Rosler’s first season at Brentford, let alone in England and he has proven to be a top class manager, even if some of the grumpy fans at Brentford call for his head every second game. Our budget is far smaller than some of the teams in this league, and for us to be able to beat them, and beat them convincingly is credit to his management. We’ve also gone from playing Andy Scott football, which for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing this is giving the ball to the goalkeeper who in turn lumps in down the field for a striker to head down and then score, to playing one touch football on the ground. It worked for Brighton under Gus Poyet, and it looks like it’s working for us under Uwe Rosler. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barca come in for Uwe if Pep Guardiola leaves them at the end of the season. I’m sure he would stick with us though.

Finally, with the season coming to a 124mph sudden stop that sends your lungs through your ribcage, it looks to be a very nail-biting time to be a Brentford fan. But hey, isn’t that what it’s all about? 

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